Technical Program

Preliminary Agenda

Plenary Talks

Michael Totzeck (ZEISS):
Optical challenges in quantum technology
Mutsuko Hatano (Tokyo Institute of Technology):
Diamond photonics
Alexander Szameit (University Rostock, Germany): 
Topological photonics

Invited Talks

David. D. Sampson (The University of Surrey, United Kingdom):
Fabrication of free form with two-photon polymerisation
Jungwon Kim (KAIST): 
Highly accurate optical frequency comb and its applications
Prof. Sicong Tian (Bimberg Chinese-German Center for Green Photonics):
Novel energy-efficient designs of vertical-cavity surface emitting lasers for the next generations of photonic systems
Reinhard Voelkel (SÜSS MicroTec):
The micro-optics revolution in automotive lighting
Tatsuya Ichikawa (Sony Group Corporation): 
Sony’s latest activity on Organic LED devices
Yu Jung LU (Academia Sinica):
Nano Lasers
Norbert Keil (Fraunhofer Heinrich-Hertz-Institut): 
Hybrid PICs for telecom/datacom and sensing
Ryotaro Konoike (AIST, Japan): 
Progress of large-scale silicon photonic switches and their application to quantum optics
Andreas Brückner (AMS/Osram): 
Tailoring Micro- and Nano-Structured / Meta-Surface Optics for Consumer Applications
Frank Wyrowski (Friedrich Schiller University Jena): 
Iterative design concepts for micro-optics

Poster Presentations

#1003 Shun Yajima (Tokyo Institute of Technology):
Scaling Analysis of an Integrated Photonic Traveling Salesman Problem Accelerator
#1004 Taiga Ishida (Tokushima University):
Aggregation of BPSK Signals Using Coherent Interference for Modulation Format Conversion to 8QAM Signal
#1007 Ryosuke Sato (Waseda University, School of Advanced Science and Engineerining):
Dispersion-Controlled Supercontinuum Generation via µ-Transfer Printing
#1008 Wenjie Wang (University of Southampton):
Comparison Study of Different Methods for Photonic Crystal Waveguide Optimization
#1009 Wenjie Wang (University of Southampton):
Design of slow light photonic crystal waveguide
#1013 Hiroshi Yamagishi (University of Tsukuba):
Self-assembly of luminescent microporous polymer torward optical resonators and lasers with enhanced gas adsorption capability
#1014 Petr Martinek (Czech Technical University in Prague):
Properties of Photovoltaic Power Converters for Power over Fiber Applications
#1015 Koustav Dey (National Institute of Technology, Warangal, India):
Comparison in sensing performance between single-multi-single mode and multi-single-multi mode fiber structure
#1016 Koustav Dey (National Institute of Technology, Warangal, India):
Investigation on self-imaging phenomena in single-multi-single mode fiber combination
#1017 Nikhil Vangety (National Institute of Technology, Warangal, India):
Optimizing Convolutional Neural Network for weight classification in a plastic optical fiber
#1019 Vadapalli Durga Rama Pavan (Indian Institute of Technology, Tirupati):
Exploring Liquid Infilttrated Reconfiguable Photonic Crystal Waveguide using Machine Learning
#1021 Onkar N. Verma (Waseda University, Japan):
Transfer of Spatial Phase Information of an Optical Vortex Beam into Spatial Intensity Distribution in an Atomic Vapor Medium
#1025 Victor Vallejo-Otero (Université de Lyon):
Production of Micro-Nanostructured Titanium Nitride Coatings by Rapid Thermal Annealing of a Photo-Patternable Titanium Oxide Sol-Gel for Optical Applications
#1026 Ying-Tzu Lin (Feng-Chia University):
Investigation of Silicon core fiber for multi-parameter sensing
#1033 Qingjie Song (Kyushu University):
First Demonstration of a Two-Tone Lightwave from a 405-nm Laser for High Power Terahertz Wave Generation
#1037 Kazuya Kondo (Kyushu University):
THz-wave Beam Steering with 4-Channel Optical Phased Array
#1040 Hiroki Kojima (Waseda University):
Si Electro-Optical Switch with High Extinction Ratio
#1041 Kei Hosomi (Shizuoka University):
Cathodoluminescence from flattened ZnO surfaces
#1045 Dolgorsuren Dulamjav (Mongoloian University of Science and Technology):
Orbital Angular Momentum Shift Keying (OAM-SK) with time-Spacing for FSO
#1047 Han Zhou (Waseda University):
Polarization insensitive TE/TM mode-output controller by asymmetrical waveguides couplers on SOI platform
#1051 Amalina Athira Ibrahim (Kyushu University):
Novel Phase Stabilization Technique at Photomixing-Based Terahertz Wave Phase Modulation System
#1053 Masahiro Yamamoto (Waseda University):
High-sensitivity surface-plasmon tip-tapered fiber sensor with gold nanoparticles at 1500 nm-wavelength range
#1055 Aliaksei Kobylinskiy (University of Applied Sciences Jena):
Comparison of Various Methods for Improving the Efficiency of Filter-Based Sensors
#1058 Yolanda Stabel (INNOCISE GmbH):
Gecomer® Technology: Sustainable Bio-inspired Handling Systems for Microoptics Assembly
#1059 Tatevik Chalyan (Vrije Universiteit Brussel):
Two-Photon Polymerization Based Fabrication of Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Substrates for Vitamin D Detection
#1061 David Schmelz (Friedrich-Schiller-University, Jena):
Black Silicon Nanostructures with Conformal Al2O3 Coatings

If you would also like to hold a talk, we would be pleased if you submit a paper. A jury will decide if your topic should be presented at MOC2022.